A guide to maintaining a gradual tan - make your fake tan last longer

A guide to maintaining a gradual tan - make your fake tan last longer

So you've given Men's gradual tanning moisturiser a try. Within a couple of days you have a natural looking tan that you're happy with. What steps to do you need to take to keep it? 

We've written a quick guide on how Men can maintain their tan with gradual tanning moisturiser.

Firstly, how dark do you want your tan to be? 

You need to know what you're aiming for when using a gradual tan. Some want their tan darker than others. It also depends on how tanned you already are.

Check out the progress photos below. These show the results from using Club Ten Men's Gradual Tanning Moisturiser with Fresh Leaf Tobacco Scent daily.

Men's Gradual Tanning Results from Club Ten Men's Gradual Tanning Moisturiser

Once you know how dark you want your tan to be, you can use gradual tanning moisturiser daily or twice-daily until the desired effect has been achieved. The great thing about gradual tan is that you are in control. That means no tell-tale orange streaks or tones.

If you want more Men's gradual tan application advice click here.

How to keep a good tan going

Once you have reached your perfect gradual tan, you can maintain it by using our Men's gradual tan every other day. Each time you shower, the tanning effect slightly reduces, so by using the gradual tanning moisturiser every couple of days, you are topping it back up. 

More good news in that our gradual tan fades evenly, meaning that at no point will it be obvious that you are wearing a fake tanning product. This is particularly important to Men - we know you don't want to look like you're wearing fake tan so we developed a natural looking formula with this in mind. 


Now you should have everything you need to maintain a great looking gradual tan, whatever the weather. We've shown you the results you can expect to get from Men's gradual tan. We've shared tips and advice for application. Finally, we've provided recommendations for how Men should use gradual tan to keep a good tan going.


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